Stories from The Last Basin

The complete collection

Cover Image by Noah Abraham Pearson

Stories from The Last Basin, available on Amazon, is a collection of short stories I self-published in 2021. I am making it available to Medium readers interested in literary fiction expressed in the short story format. All the stories are featured below.

Stories from The Last Basin is all about the ordinary people of Los Angeles and how the influence of the Hollywood movie industry effects them: in good and bads ways, and sometimes simply indifferently. The stories cover from the early 1950s to the mid-2020s (taking us to the mid-2020s took only a little imagination). Many of the characters reappear as the book progresses, so reading each story as it is numbered is suggested but I’ve only made it a requirement for the last three, by turning them into a novella I now call “Leaving Los Angeles.”

Some stories are fairly simple, some may be challenging, all are thoughtful and enjoyable, I hope. I’ve paid both subtle and overt homage to many of the far more brilliant authors that have influenced me, so have some fun discovering them!

I’m posting this on my Facebook Author’s page, so if you find your way here from there, and you want to continue reading the stories online, you can become a member here. For a few dollars a month you’ll have access to the millions (I’m guessing the size) of essays, stories, literature, and sundry musings. (Full disclosure, I may earn some small compensation from you using my membership link.)

Now I present to you, Stories from the Last Basin:



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John Anthony

John Anthony

I am a native of Santa Monica, California. I enjoy writing fiction and mentoring those who would like to begin writing. Email me at