Stories from the Last Basin — Acknowledgements

For Angela, and for the insight, encouragement, and love she provided to help me finish.

I would like to thank Matt Glassman (no relation to my character who appears in the last three stories, and if you live in Los Angeles or happen to visit, stop by his bar and grill, The Greyhound, two locations!). His insightful criticisms and enthusiastic response to the late drafts gave me the confidence to keep on with the work.

My sister, Meg Danese, was with me from the beginning and read each story more than once, providing lots of copy edits that were more often than not irrelevant by the time they were returned to me as I disassembled, discarded large portions, and reassembled the stories repeatedly in my attempt to discover exactly what my characters were trying to tell me; I’m sending you much love for your effort and support.

To my long-time friend Shelly Autor who read a couple of the early drafts and then taught me a hard lesson in self-editing that I hope I carried forward through the rest of my stories and into this collection.

Again, my thanks to each of you.

My mother-in-law, Helen Nicolelis, did a final copy edit, for which I am eternally grateful. Of course, that means I am solely responsible for any remaining errors.

To my beautiful daughter Kate, who has outsmarted me from the day she was born, for our long discussions on literature and art, where you taught me so much and showed me how much more I have to learn, you’ve always filled my heart with love and gratitude which only grows stronger with each passing day.

Finally, to my wife Angela, to whom this collection is dedicated. She’s always been my biggest fan and source of encouragement, and after watching me write thousands of pages over several decades she finally put her foot down and said this is the one. We spent hours reading the stories aloud to each other, a great way to uncover not just typos and poor phrasing but hear the rhythm of the story and make sure it fits the theme. With more love than she can possibly imagine, I thank her with all my heart.

John Anthony

June 2021



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